Bioniclogic Inc. announces 2023 results.

Bioniclogic Inc. today announced company fiscal year 2023 results, with sales of $5.42Million, versus $6.49Million in FY 2022.

Bioniclogic Inc operated the CPM Star business via its subsidiary, Tactics Network LLC, from the period of May 11, 2018 through the end of Feb 2024, which was sold to Aditude Inc. on March 1st, 2024 along with the and websites for an undisclosed amount. "We're excited to see how much growth Aditude can achieve with the platform in the years ahead." said Joshua Goldstein, President, Bioniclogic Inc.

Bioniclogic Inc continues to operate a variety of online software, including the Supernova SWF Enabler extension with 500,000 weekly active users, the Supernova Player, and the online FPS game Warmerise. "We are investigating potential future lines of business which leverage our technological strengths and expertise.", said Joshua.


Bioniclogic Inc was founded with the vision of accelerating human computer interaction through uniquely designed intelligent technologies. It currently operates Supernova SWF Enabler and the online game Warmerise via its subsidiary Tactics Technology LLC.

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