Bioniclogic Inc. announces asset sale transaction

Bioniclogic Inc. today announced that as of May 1st, 2024, it has closed an asset sale transaction, selling the CPM Star Advertising Platform, along with the and gaming websites, to Aditude, Inc., for an undisclosed amount.

Bioniclogic Inc operated the CPM Star business via its subsidiary, Tactics Network LLC, from the period of May 11, 2018 through Feb 2024. "As a result of profitable operations through calendar year 2022 we were able to pay off the long term debts which were taken on in order to acquire CPM Star. We're excited to see Aditude expand the reach of the CPM Star ad platform." said Joshua Goldstein, President, Bioniclogic Inc.

Please read more here: Aditude acquires Gaming SSP CPMStar


Bioniclogic Inc was founded with the vision of accelerating human computer interaction through uniquely designed intelligent technologies. It currently operates Supernova SWF Enabler and the online game Warmerise via its subsidiary Tactics Technology LLC.

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