Bioniclogic Inc. announces increasing momentum & growth in 2021

Bioniclogic Inc. today announced company growth in fiscal year 2021, with ad sales increasing year over year by 38% to $6.3Million USD, alongside increased profitability. The company growth speaks to significant market opportunity in the field of video game advertising, as Bioniclogic Inc. expands its primary business line, CPM Star.

"This year's growth is the result of innovation and initiative on the part of our technology, sales, and publisher media buying teams", said Joshua Goldstein, President & CEO. "We're looking forward to continuing to grow CPM Star, and explore other business lines as opportunities may arise. Our investments in programmatic advertising technology are beginning to pay off, and we hope to be able to continue to grow in these new areas of business for the company, while building relationships with many more game developers and publishers. We continue the work to develop the business into new categories within online games advertising, which is a huge and ever-expanding arena, spanning PC games, web games, mobile games, NFT gaming, and more."


Bioniclogic Inc is the parent company of CPM Star, the first ever vertical ad network for video games, originally created in 2005 to serve game developers and publishers. CPM Star's technology platform spans performance optimization technology, high impact advertising such as site skins and video, real time bidding technology, a header bidding wrapper technology, specialized systems for game developers, and more.

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